Is Astrology a science?

This is the most common question asked to an astrologer. Most of the astrologers will say that although astrological predictions are being experienced by many, it is yet to be established as science. To this, my answer is a big YES. For understanding mystic sciences such as astrology, we need to understand mysteries of our universe. With the help of this knowledge, we can easily understand that these predictive sciences are just tools to not only to peep in the past, but to tell what has already happened or what is going to happen. Please refer to my article in Home page – The Science of Astrology –and Universe

Will I be benefited by Astrology?

Yes. In good times, you will be advised to enhance your efforts to reap maximum benefits of good period. In adverse periods, you will be informed about the period and will be advised to follow certain remedial measures to reduce the ill effects of bad period. In case of deciding on various questions, guidance from astrology gives immense help. Examples are – branch of education, type of service, whether service of business, type of business, career ups and downs, transfers, promotions etc. One can take directions from astrology and get benefited.

Can Astrology predict future?

Astrology can predict future events – good and bad. However, as mentioned earlier, it cannot change ones destiny altogether. Astrological remedies can reduce the ill effects of bad period and can enhance good effects of favorable periods.

Details of birth are not available. Can I know my future?

There are various ways of predicting future. Palmistry does not require your birth details and predictions can be made based on this. In astrology, the Prashna Kundali is of immense help to predict any event in detail even in absence of birth details.

What is Mangali Horoscope? Whether it indicates bad fortune for marriage?

When Mars is situated in certain places in the horoscope, it is called as mangalik horoscope. Marriages in Mangalik horoscope are also successful. There are certain rules which are to be followed as per the traditional astrology. In Krishnamurthy Paddhati (KP Astrology), there is no place for mangalik horoscope. However, although the rules are different in both these methods – traditional vis-à-vis KP, the outcome of both these match. One should not get scared of Mangalik horoscope. Sometimes, care is required to be taken, which is always guided by astrologer.