Forecasting of future has been prevailing in all corners of the world since ages. There are various methods by which predictions can be made, namely, Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Tarot, Face Reading etc. All these branches of forecasting are complimentary to each other. A successful fortune teller has to have knowledge of several branches which go in tandem while making predictions.

Human Life is full of problems. However, for each problem, there is a definite solution. Predictions help in various definite ways.

(1) In bad period, warning can be given beforehand so that one can be prepared for those periods. In such cases, it has been found that although problems cannot be avoided altogether, the intensity can be greatly reduced.

(2) In good periods, the person is advised to put in extra effort to reap maximum benefit out of lucky period. It has been found that it greatly helps in enhancing effects of good period.

(3) In hopeless periods, when the luck in not favorable, the person is advised to keep patience and wait for the good period.