Through this website you can contact astrologer Pravin to solve your day to day problems concerning health, wealth, relations, education, service, business, promotions, transfers, property gains, owning of vehicles, construction of own house, foreign visits, landed property, lottery, allied income, settling abroad, marriage, love affairs, home life, relationships, children, lost and found, court and legal matters, land matters and array of such problems.

Human Life is full of problems. In modern era, which is highly dynamic, everyone wants to get maximum success with minimum efforts and that too within shortest possible time. After putting up efforts, the level of expectation also rises. During such period, everyone is curious to know about the results of their efforts. Astrology provides solution to their curiosity. It helps in various definite ways. (1) In bad periods, warning can be given beforehand so that one can be prepared for those periods. In such cases, it has been found that although problems cannot be avoided altogether, the intensity can be greatly reduced by applying remedial measures as advised by the astrologer. (2) In good periods, the person is advised to put in extra effort to reap maximum benefit out of lucky period. It has been found that it greatly helps in enhancing effects of good period. (3) In hopeless periods, when the luck is not favorable, the person is advised to keep patience and wait for the good period.

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You can call Astrologer Pravin on the telephones given below or can write on the email IDs as mentioned. After sending email, please contact over telephone or leave a message on cell. You need to specify your date of birth, time and place of birth. Also mention the question you want to ask. If you do not know exact time of birth, there is no issue. You need to specify that also. If you can send scanned copy of photographs of your both the hands, preferably the front (lines and mounts on the palm) as well as back of the palms, please send. If you have already prepared a horoscope, you can send the same so that the correctness of the already prepared horoscope can also be verified and can be informed. It is always advisable to contact in person after taking appointment as many of the doubts can be clarified by meeting in person. You can ask question about yourself, your friends or about your family members / relatives.


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